Government Filings & Other Services

Please note: pricing on this page may change and are simply estimates. The actual pricing on any service is subject to change to cover the varying costs of providing these services.
Business Incorporation

Incorporating your business in Ontario, or federally. This includes the initial setup of your corporate books, and the initial filings with the government.  Starts at $750 + HST.

Tax Filings Services
Assistance filing forms and taxes for individuals, corporations, investors and charities.
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HST Rental Rebate

Did you recently buy a house from a builder? We can file your HST Rebate for the new home.

Pricing starts at $250 + HST per filing.

Change/Update Business Information

Need to change your business name(s), address(es) or other information?  No need to stress, our dedicated staff at Fareed Sheik LLP will take care of it for you!

Starts at $100 + HST.

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Generate Corporate Profile Report

Do you need a copy of your Articles of Incorporation? Or if you need a Corporate Profile Report, we can generate it for you. Service price starts at $100 + HST.

Other accounting services.
Update Shareholders Information

Update shareholders information with government departments. Service starts at $150 + HST.

Articles of Change

Service pricing starts at $300 + HST.

Register Master Business License

Service pricing starts at $200 + HST.

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File Annual Return

Every Ontario corporation must renew its existence annually with Service Ontario. Failure to do so will result in the corporation being dissolved. This requirement is a new change that began in October 2021. To ensure your Ontario corporation remains active, our dedicated team of professionals at Fareed Sheik LLP can file your annual return for your corporation with Service Ontario.

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CPSO Registration Renewal​
Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario? We can help you with your renewal.
Pricing starts at $250 + HST.
Dissolution of Corporation
Need to move on? Do not stress, we can take care of the paperwork for you.
Pricing starts at $200 + HST.
Other Services

Have a custom service or job for us?  You can make a special request and our dedicated team at Fareed Sheik LLP will be happy to help!

Please note: Depending on the service requested, its scope and complexity, we collect retainers to ensure service.
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